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Roofing services in Tarvin

Does your chimney leak water in heavy rain? Perhaps you have cracked or loose tiles on your roof that need replacing? At Chester roofers we can help with your roof replacement and roof repair in Tarvin. Give us a call today for a free no obligation chat and we’ll get you leak free.

When roofing problems occur it’s important to use a qualified professional roofing company to not only conduct an effective roof repair but to advise on future maintenance and be there to support you if you ever need help with your roof. We strive to provide the best roofing services in Tarvin with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

roofing services in Tarvin

Is your gutter blocked?

Gutter blockages can often only reveal themselves during heavy rain periods. Unless the gutter is completely blocked with debris or a dead bird water will likely still flow during low rainfall periods.

Unfortunately, when rainfall is heavy your gutters need to be removing the water to the drain as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take long for water to back up and start to overflow.

If you see an overflow give Chester roofers a call and we can come out and remove the blockage in the gutter and clean your gutters where needed.

Ways to increase your roof lifespan and avoid roof replacement.

  1. Replace broken, missing or cracked roof tiles as soon as you spot them. This will prevent any serious water leak damage to your roof structure
  2. Make sure your fascias and soffits are in good condition. Your fascias hold the weight of the last row of tiles and your guttering. Ensuring they are kept in tip top shape will prolong the life of your roof
  3. Keep an eye on your chimney stack. Chimney stack lead flashing and pointing can cause water ingress. Often you can use binoculars from street level if you have any to inspect your chimney regularly. Or give us a call and we’ll take a look for you. 

Why should I not get on the roof myself?

Roofing can be very dangerous, there’s a real risk of falling off and seriously hurting or even killing yourself. We are experienced professionals and can get onto roofs safely. We would never recommend anyone with no experience attempting a roof repair themselves. Repairs are often cheaper than you think. Get a price first!