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Free roof repair quotes and estimates in Saltney. At Chester roofers we pride ourselves in being a trusted roofing contractor. For all your roofing needs please call 01244 886962 and we’ll be happy to help

Whether you’re having problems with your gutters or suspect a leaking roof, the trusted roofing company Chester roofers can help. We can bring your Saltney roof back to its water tight state or replace your guttering to divert water like the day it was made.

All our work is guaranteed and quotes are always free.

Roofing in Saltney - Chester

Does my lead flashing need replacing?

Lead flashing often surrounds a chimney and can be a weak spot for roof leaks. Often the lead may have come away from the brick allowing water to get in and cause a leaking roof. If this is the case we can seal it back up for you and stop any further chimney problems.

If the lead flashing is cracked, then we can replace it with new lead for you.

How many new roof quotes should I get?

Choosing a trusted roofer is about price and company. In other words, you should always compare at least three new roof prices to make sure you are paying about the right amount.

But don’t always choose the cheapest. Check the roofing company for trustworthiness, experience, and reviews.

At Chester roofing many times we are one of the cheapest and most qualified so it’s an easy choice. But sometimes a roofing contractor comes in a bit cheaper than us, but our customers still choose us because of our roofing guarantees and friendly work attitude.

What should I ask a roofer?

Ask your roofing specialist as many questions as you need to feel comfortable making the decision. Among some of the questions we recommend to ask a roofer are:

  • Are they an insured roofer? If so, how much
  • Where are they based?
  • How long have they been a roofing company?
  • Is the roof repair quote a firm price?
  • How long will it take to fix the roof