Roof Repairs


Spotting a leaking roof problem as quickly as possible can save you a lot of money.

We don’t like it when our fellow roofing contractor’s scaremonger unnecessarily…but we have seen cases of leaking roofs left for too long causing rot, mould and other avoidable problems, so your best bet is to fix it when you see it.

Roof tile replacement is not very expensive at all, and we can usually get the job done very quickly for you. Stopping your leaky roof immediately.

So if you see any missing tiles on your roof, damp patches or any other signs of roof damage give us a call and we’ll come and take a look for you.

What type of roof repair needs doing?

If you have a cracked tile on the roof, we’ll sort this small roof repair by replacing the tile with a new one for you. As a recommended roofing company in Chester, you can feel comfortable that once we agree on a roof repair quote we stick to it.

If your roof has a tile missing, you’ll need a new tile. It’s important we get this fixed for you asap as water can get in very easily with a gap in your roof. Plus, this roof gap makes it easier for other tiles to be blown off in the wind!

You may have water coming in from your chimney which may need a chimney repair. See our chimney repair page here.

Your roof lead flashing may be damaged or split which could cause a leaking roof. We can replace this fairly easily for you.

We also do 24 hr emergency roof repair – see our dedicated emergency page here.

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