Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning

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How much does roof cleaning cost?

Roof cleaning costs a fraction of roof replacement. The cost of roof cleaning will depend on the size of the roof to be cleaned and roof access

Generally speaking, roof cleaning will cost you from £400 to £700.

Roof cleaning at Chester roofers

Should moss be removed from roof tiles?

Moss doesn’t always cause a problem on your roof. The danger with moss on tiles is that is could break off, block your gutters and drains.

However, moss and algae on your roof holds moisture and water against the roof which in very cold conditions can freeze and cause tiles to crack or expand

If you’re at all unsure about whether or not you should clean your roof, give Chester roofers a call. We’ll come by and take a look and give you honest advice on your options. As professional roof cleaning contractors, we pride ourselves in customer service with a friendly attitude.