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From garage roofs, pitched roofs and everything in between, choose Chester roofers for all your roofing services in Hoole. With many years experience as roofers trust us to fix, repair or replace your roof. For all advice, enquiries and quotes please call 01244 886962

Hoole roofer

What is the easiest way to repair a flat roof?

Flat roofs can be made of felt, concrete, fibreglass, asbestos or rubber. If your flat roof is felt then it’s often easy enough to make a quick repair in the felt which will last for many years. If however the roof felt is old and degrading, it may be better to recover the roof in felt or consider a newer method like GRP fibreglass roofing. This will last for decades without any maintenance.

How can I temporarily fix a roof leak?

If your roof is leaking from storm damage we will do a temporary repair or use a temporary cover to ensure no more water leaks from your roof into your property.

If you are looking to prevent water coming into your loft and onto your upstairs ceiling then if you can safely access the loft you can take these steps:

  1. 1 Get into the loft and locate the leaking roof
  2. Clear up any water pools and wipe away any moisture
  3. Pull back the insulation
  4. Make a secure bridge from wood between two ceiling joists
  5. Place a bucket on this wood to catch any drips from the leaking roof

This will keep the water from causing too much damage. Call us for a quick call out and repair. 

Why does my chimney need repointing?

Pointing is the cement on your brickwork and chimney. Chimneys are very exposed to British weather and often the wind and rain cause this cement to degrade, crumble, crack and disintegrate.

As this acts as a water proof barrier, without it water can leak into your chimney causing problems internally.

As a chimney specialist, we can repoint or rebuild your chimney ensuring it is water tight and secure for many years.