Garage Roof Repairs & Replacement


Here at Chester roofers as part of our range of professional roofing services we also offer garage roof repair and garage roof replacement.

Garages roofs are often flat but can be also be pitched. Leaks often occur on pitched roofs the same way they would occur on your house roof. Broken tiles, missing tiles or just a general bad state of roof repair could cause a leak.

Similarly, flat garage roofs often leak from the felt covering, either from split felt, cracked felt or a hole in the roof felt.

It’s often tempting to let a leaking garage roof stay like that for a while. After all your car is waterproof right?! But as we know, many people don’t put their cars in the garage, it’s often used as storage. Unfortunately, a leaking garage roof can damage your possessions or cause damp, rot and mould.

Call us today for a free estimate on the cost of a new garage roof or the cost of garage roof repair.

We’ll talk you through your options and let you know the prices for each. You may not need to replace flat garage roof, you might just need a quick repair. But if you’re going to be repairing your leaking garage roof every few months it might be more cost effective to replace with a new garage roof for a more permanent solution.


Garage roof repair and replacement in Chester