Flat Roof Repair & Replacement


Flat roofs are unfortunately notorious for leaking. Flat roof repair and new flat roof installation are our more common roofing services in Chester so we consider ourselves a specialist!

Garage roofs and extension roofs can be a real burden for many homeowners.

We’re here to help:

How do I fix my leaking flat roof?

Leaks are caused by either:

  1. A crack, split or a hole in the felt
  2. A joint that has come away from the roof leaking in
  3. Uneven roof causing water to pool and leak

So to fix these you have two options. Repair or renew.

You can chase your tail a bit trying to repair a flat roof. Repairs are almost always temporary to avoid further water ingress.

If you’re a keen DIYer then there are some products on the market that may give your flat roof a bit more life for less than £50

Of course if you don’t fancy doing a DIY repair on your flat roof, give is a call and we’ll do it for you!

How much does a new flat roof cost?

The price of a new flat roof is going to depend on the area to be covered and if the roof boards underneath are of good quality and not damaged. Additionally, you can choose your preferred roof covering.

So new flat roof prices can range from £750 – £1300 depending on what you need.

Give us a call for a completely free no obligation quote. We can come out to your property and assess what you need. Then we’ll show you the different options you could have and how this would affect your quote.

Ask us any questions, we’ll be more than happy to help.

If this is for an insurance claim on a roof we can supply all the documents you need for your insurance company.

We are your Chester roofing specialists. Call us to enquire about replacing a leaking garage roof or to ask about your leaking extension roof

What flat roof types are there?

Felt Roof – various colours of felt and types depending on how old your flat roof is

Fibreglass roof GRP – Latest technology for a lifetime leak free!

Rubber flat roof – lightweight and somewhat flexible. But can shrink over time.

Asphalt roof – Decent lifespan but needs a very strong frame to support the weight


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