Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits

As a premier roofing contractor in Chester alongside our usual roofing services we can also provide fascia and soffit replacement.

Our quotes are always free and we have access to a wide range of replacement fascias and soffits to suit your requirements.

Fascias and soffits replacement and renewal at Chester roofers

What is a Fascia?

A fascia board is a strip of wood or on more modern houses UPVC. It runs along the lower edge of the roof and has the guttering attached to it.

Often the fascia also carries the weight of the last row of tiles so it’s important they are kept in great condition. As you can see damaged fascia’s are best fixed quickly

What is a Soffit?

A soffit sits underneath the roof and is the board most visible from the street as you are looking up directly at it.

What is a Bargeboard?

A bargeboard is a board that cover the gable end. It runs down the line of the roof and is often something that makes a house look tired and run down if not looking its best.

UPVC fascias and soffits will not only add kerb appeal to your property and potentially increase the market value but will also provide much needed weather protection for your roof.

If you live in Cheshire and have the original fascias and soffits then most likely these are made of wood. Often, over years the paint covering the fascias and soffits degrades and tends to look unsightly. Unfortunately, once the paintwork has degraded often the wood has no protection for further weather damage and can often split and rot.

UPVC has the benefit of not requiring regular painting and they come in a variety of colour choices to suit the look of your property. A recommended fascias and soffits fitters will be able to guide you on your options.

Our estimates are free and firm. Even if you choose not to use us, we always recommend getting an upfront fascia repair cost before you go ahead.

Asking your roofing company how much the charge to replace soffits and fascias and guttering for your size of property will give you a rough guide. Then they can provide a more detailed estimate by looking at your roof.