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Need a new roof price? Or looking to repair a flat roof? Chester roofers are the recommended roofing company in Ellesmere Port. We promise to give you a free no obligation quote for your roof repair or chimney leak. Call us today on 01244 886962

Suddenly spotting damp patches on your ceiling or dripping? You may have a leaking roof needing urgent roof repair. We’ll give you our professional opinion on what roof repair you require, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

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Does a roofer need scaffolding to repair my roof?

A professional roofer will always assess the risk and access to the repair. If we are replacing a few tiles or checking a chimney with easy access then good ladders will be used. For all new roof fitting, we will need to erect scaffolding. We would also use scaffolding for any hard to reach locations.

Do you need a professional roofer? Or can I DIY a roof repair?

We would like to say yes you do! Chester roofers have been roofing for many years and has built up a lot of experience and skill when it comes to roofing services. When working at height it’s advisable to have the correct safety gear which many DIYers don’t have.

Often we come to jobs which have been made worse by a bad roof repair, either from a roofing cowboy or a DIY job gone wrong.

We would never recommend getting on top of your roof but if you wanted to have a go at fixing your shed roof with the right step ladder we’d never discourage you! Of course we’re always on hand to fix any roof no matter how small. It will only take us a few minutes and is good value.

What are the signs you should replace a roof?

When a roof starts to sag it’s time to get a new roof. The structure is struggling to hold the weight and water will not be running off correctly.

If you’re always doing roof repairs it’s time to consider a new roof. We can always give you a new roof quote using various tiling options.

At Chester roofers, we will always give you our honest professional opinion on whether you need a new roof or not. The decision of whether to repair or replace your roof is always yours.