Chimney Repairs


If you’re looking for a recommended roofer in Chester who also does chimney repair services then look no further.

Sometimes it’s not your roof that’s leaking but a leaking chimney causing water to get it where it shouldn’t.

Luckily as chimney specialists, we have the experience to track and trace the chimney problem, let you know what needs to be done along with our usual Chester roofers firm price guarantee for the chimney work. Here’s how we diagnose and fix your leaking chimney.

Chimney repair & replacement at Chester roofers

Why does my chimney leak?

Chimney leaks are caused by one of a handful of problems:

Leaking chimney lead flashing

This is the seal between the roof and the chimney. It stops water going into the joint between your roof and chimney. If your lead flashing splits or the seal degrades over time then water will be allowed to come in.

The lead work will need to be fixed or replaced by a recommended chimney company.

Rain coming into chimney from the top

It’s the simplest reason! A bad fitting crown (the cement part that goes over the top of the chimney) or a cracked chimney crown will cause rain to leak into the chimney and come right down your chimney stack. Causing all sorts of damp issues inside.

Do I need my chimney repointing?

Pointing is the cement between the brickwork of the chimney. Often this can become damaged and cause a chimney water leak.

Repointing the chimney itself is not very time consuming. The costs vary due to the size of the chimney and repointing work, but mostly due to the access. If we can get there easily (and safely!) costs for chimney repointing are less than if we need to erect scaffolding for roof access.

We will also check the condition of the brickwork in the chimney, the lead work around the base of the chimney and any tiles, chimney pots and the cement which holds the chimney pot in place, otherwise known as chimney flaunching.

Chimney stack repair & rebuild

Chimney stacks are very exposed to the British weather including strong winds.

If you are a house with an old chimney (many in Chester are!) it may be necessary to conduct a more detailed chimney repair.

This could involve a full chimney rebuild or partial rebuild.

We will ensure the rebuild is both sympathetic with the existing look but also watertight and secure for many years to come.

Our other chimney repair services

  • Chimney anti down draft cowl fitting
  • Chimney bird guard fitting
  • Chimney capping
  • Chimney vent repair

If you’re thinking I need a chimney service near me then think no more! We’re based in Chester and cover all the surrounding areas. We offer free no obligation quotes and are always happy to help. Call today on 01244 886962