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Looking for an experienced local professional roofer in Chester? Look no further than Chester roofers. Your one stop shop for all roof repairs, new roof installation and roofing services.

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Are you looking for high-quality roofing services in your area? Finding a reliable Chester roofer shouldn’t have to be a challenge. At Chester roofers we make things easy for you.

When you work with us, expect a quick call out, friendly and clean service, plus excellent workmanship. We only do work you really need. This means we won’t try to sell you new roof when all you need is a low cost roof repair.

How do you know if you have a leaking roof?

If you have damp patches on your ceiling or pools of water in your loft, it’s probably likely that you have a leaking roof that needs fixing.

This could be either

  • A leak on your chimney stack if you have one
  • A loose, broken or cracked roof tile
  • Old porous tiles letting in water during heavy rain

Whatever the problem we’ll come out, find the cause and give you a price for the job.

Is your chimney crown cracked?

The chimney crown is the top of the chimney and if cracked can let water into your chimney, possibly causing damp patches on a bedroom or lounge wall.

We can conduct chimney repair quickly and professionally leaving you leak free again

Why do you need guttering?

Guttering stops rain water running off your roof and down the side of your house. Despite the fact the water would be dripping all over your windows and on your walls it can actually be a more serious problem than that.

Long time gutter problems can actually erode the soil around your foundations causing all sorts of potential problems in the future.

At Chester roofing, we can repair or replace your guttering where needed. Allowing the rain water to flow freely to the drain without causing any damage.