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A leaking roof or getting new roof quotes can be a real hassle. But our friendly team at Chester roofers can make the whole process easy for you. We’re a recommended roofer in GEO, covering all aspects of roofing, guttering, fasicas & soffits.

Small jobs are a pleasure

Does my felt flat roof need replacing?

Felt roofs can often split, tear and rip causing water to find it’s way inside your garage, porch or extension. Old flat roofs are especially vulnerable to a flat roof leak.

Often a quick repair can be done which could last you for many years.

We will always advise if a new flat roof needs to be considered or not. We never recommend a new roof unless we think you need it. Often an occasional roof repair will be far more cost effective.

In some circumstance though, when the repairs are getting frequent and the felt roof is very degraded, it may be more cost efficient to replace a flat roof completely.

We’ll always show you your options and give you a price for new felt or another solution.

Should I repair or replace my leaking roof?

This is a roofing question we get asked a lot. Obviously, if your roof is relatively new and the leak is caused by a broken tile, missing tile or other easily fixed roof repairs it’s going to be better to replace the occasional tile rather than replace a roof.

We would recommend a new roof if your roof is:

  • Sagging
  • Seriously storm damaged
  • Getting old
  • Letting water in through old tiles

Our quotes are always free and we’re happy to help.

Do UPVC fascias and soffits add value?

Anything that adds kerb appeal will add value to your property. New fresh fascias and soffits will give your house a look of a well maintained, water tight property which will only encourage buyers.

If older wooden boards can be repaired or repainted you may want to do that. However with the latest UPVC fasicas and soffits available in a variety of colours and finishes, you can now enjoy a maintenance free fascias and soffits with a sympathetic appearance that matches your property.